Recent Instagram Updates You Need to Know in 2018

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July 5, 2019
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July 5, 2019

Recent Instagram Updates You Need to Know in 2018

Instagram has come a long way from its early days of being an exclusively image-sharing platform. At that time instagram was used as a fun seeking social media platform. Business profiles hesitated to use these because  the lack of professionalism. Now we’ve seen huge shifts in the past two years to make it more useful for businesses and users alike.  To increase its potential in areas like selling, marketing, and brand building.

We’ve got new tools to more effectively grow our followings, to establish relationships with users who get in touch with us, and more. Instagram has never been more useful for business. We’ve also got some insight on some even bigger changes that are rumored to be in development, so this is one update you won’t want to miss.

Name-tags are the new QR

It’s been a little while since QR codes were all the rage, and now Instagram has launched their own version. Keep up with the trend, that’s what they have done here. Do what the people are interested in. This way soon you will be what the people are interested in.

Their new name-tag feature allows users to create personalized “name-tags” that can be scanned by other users within the Instagram app. They can be personalized using different background and stickers. This way an identity can be created for the user. When someone scans your individual Name-tag, they’ll be shown a prompt to follow you.

The goal is to make it easier for users to connect and reduce the need to go through long searches. Which the people hate by the way, those searches for people with the same names. This creates an unique identity. Name-tags can be a big asset to brands looking to grow their followings on Instagram. Especially since your name-tag does not have to live only within your Instagram app.

You can take a screenshot of it and post it on your site, on social media, in email marketing campaigns written with the goal of increasing followers, and even in printouts in store.Share them everywhere, this way you will be able to get attention not only on instagram, but the outside world also.

Longer story updates

Back in the old days Instagram only allowed users to post stories of 15 seconds. That was a major drawback because people were not able to convey what they intent to say in a single stretch. It’s about time this was changed. Now people are able to post stories 1 minute long.

But there’s a catch., While you can now upload videos a minute long,While you can now upload videos a minute long, Instagram will automatically split them up into 15-second sections. Well something is always better than nothing right.? Each segments can be edited and personalized with the with classic Story elements like stickers, emojis, and more.

Since Instagram is automatically cutting the videos on their own, 3rd party apps can be abandoned. Making our work a bit easy. This feature will be helpful to those who actually tell stories using stories. One thing is to be noted since they are cutting the videos on their own. The flow of the stories might be lost, since each segments will be automatically partitioned each 15 seconds.

Quick replies for direct messages

someone who does social media management and who detests repeating themselves, will be thrilled to see the quick replies come to Instagram’s native messaging platform.

Instagram’s new Quick Replies can be used by all business accounts to essentially save generic responses that you use frequently for your audience. The same old messages don’t have to be repeatedly typed anymore. Instead they can be saved thus saving our valuable time.You can reply with these saved responses, and customize them as needed.

I think anyone who has worked in any sort of customer-facing role knows that you’re often asked the exact same questions or have the same exact interactions over and over. This feature will be a life saver for almost everyone.


Instagram has undergone significant changes since the app first launched, and they’ve evolved slowly but steadily with a consistent stream of updates. that’s their huge plus point, constant changes and up-gradation to keep it’s user engaged. These features can be used to develop your business relationships. Building relations and connections have never been easier for business. A creative business platform can be build using these new features.

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