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July 5, 2019
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July 5, 2019


 Keyword research is the merchandise and content is the end product in digital marketing.The relative hype to get more organic traffic was considered to be the impact of keyword clustering but now is undervalued and avoided. Thus the value of the content can be increased by maximizing the number of keywords, In this blog I will introduce you to the leading process we have analyzed. The process starts with:-


The dataset of keywords must be firstly formulated ahead of grouping keyword into clusters.

The primary phase is to find each and every possible keyword. In this process we will come across many immaterial stuff but is better to have the perception and idea of keywords which are relevant and not relevant. Mainly collect keywords from:-

. The adversaries

. Third party datatools( Ahrefs, SEMrush etc.)

. Your persisting data in Google Search Console/Google Analytics

. Checking and Examining your own ideas against them

.Squishing up keyword combination

Autocomplete Suggestion and “Searches related to” from Google.

Keyword Research tools are of vast variety nowadays, than before and there is no scarcity of keyword collection indeed, thus our main priority should be that we need not look back in future unless there is a new topic we are targeting.


Now we have this chaotic set of 1000+ keywords let’s move onto something more appropriate

Term Analysis, it is a big term to be understood but is simple, in this process we split each keyword apart into its fundamental terms that includes the keyword, to check ou which is most repeating

Illustration :- “ Best Natural Protein Powder” it comprises  “best” “natural” “protein” and “powder”, once we break all keywords we can correctly analyze which terms( as subcomponents are recurring).


Let’s inspect the sampling of 3 keywords:-

. Best natural protein powder

. Most powerful natural anti inflammatory

. How to make natural deodorant

With a near look you will note that the term natural occurs in all three of these keywords. The persistent occuring of term along overlong list of keywords, it’s high time we start grouping our keywords.


The terms or phrases from the final section which we have deemed as eminent is defined as hot words. Its prominence is inevitable as its operation provide us with a handful of the most significant and suitable terms and phrases for traffic and relevancy, which can be exercised to formulate best content strategies, by designing your hot words list, we identify the most relevant and frequent terms from a varying range of keywords functioned by several of your highest performing adversaries to generate their traffic, and these become “hot words”. By tightening down the list, omitting any negative keywords which are not needed for website we make it more interesting.


Now comes the herculean task of clustering

To begin with, Copy your list of hot words and alter them across a horizontal column.

Formulate your keywords in the first column.

Now, it’s time for the miracle to happen.

The function in Google Sheets that tells us whether a stem or term is in keyword or not

It uses RegEx:

= IF( RegEx Match( A5 “health” ), “YES”, “NO” )

This casually defines whether the stem or word is keyword or not. You have to go independently to each column to find out whether its a YES or NO

Next, we need to “hard code” this formula and erase all the NO’s and retain the YES’s

Copy all of the data and “ Paste Values Only “.

Now, use “Find and replace to remove all of the NO’s.

At last, let the grouping begin


This topic is half art, rest science .To do the right thing, you require:-

. An insight look of who your targeting, why they are essential to the business, userintent and relevance.

. Good decisions to make trade offs  when breaking keywords apart into groups.

. Better instinct.

This part should be excelled with experience. At the top of sheet, I use COUNTA function to show me how many times this word step has been found in our keyword set.

= COUNTA( C3: C10000)

To note, its more better to introduce more niche topics that have the least overlap with other topics.

To begin< you want to sort the sheet by word stem. The word stem that occur only possess only a small amount of time won’t have a large amount of overlap. So i start by sorting the sheet by the column, copying and pasting those keywords into their own new tab.

Thus we should not only consider search volume, but exquisitely also intent, competitiveness and so forth.

Congo people,

You have obtained a design of thousand of keywords and grouped them to specific keyword groups.

Thus the real entertainment of keyword grouping begins, you can make new content that you never even have imagined in your wildest of dreams to happen.

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