Branding trends businesses need to follow for 2018-19

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Branding trends businesses need to follow for 2018-19

Young startup businesses often mistakes branding as just an attractive logo creation and designing a catchy website. That is all the branding you think you need. This is a common mistake that everybody makes at first. These kind of mistakes are made due to lack of awareness about the current branding trends. Tends have the tendency to keep on changing as time progress, they always keep on moving forward. It is our responsibility to be kept updated about the varying trends in the digital marketing sector. If not, you will be left behind while your competition edges forwards. An attractive logo and a catchy website will only get you so far, there is much more to branding than this.

Don’t be mistaken, these factors do play a major role in the branding of a company, but this is not enough. These factors will help your company being recognized but it won’t help in building an emotional bond or a meaningful relationship with the customers. Customer is king, whatever you do you need to do it to please the customers. Just a pretty face won’t help you to reach out to your target customers, they always respond to brands that emphasis trust, quality and performance.

Branding used to be more identity focused back in the days. At the early stages it was all about logo creation and building the pieces around it. This mentions who the company is, it didn’t mention what the company does. This s what branding is all about. You need to convey to the public what all things you intent to do for them. They need to know you care for them and value them enough. This is what the customers respond to now. It doesn’t matter what kind of a company you are be it a startup, an established business or a non-profit organization, how your brand is perceived will affect the success o your business.

Some of the branding trends that needs to be implemented in your marketing strategy for 2018-19 are as follows.

Experiential branding

Experiential branding has been around for a long time now. Still now it has not been discontinued by marketers. It provides excellent results even to this date.

When a customer experience or observe your brand then it provides you with the opportunity to involve with them. The objective of this branding form is to go beyond the traditional customer engagement and add a touch-and-feel experience option for the customers.


One thing is for sure, you are not the only company who does the same work as you do. I’m talking about your competition. Your customers must be struggling with the information overload from all the companies. Your brand voice must cut through all this hassle in order to feel relevant to the customers. To be able to do this you have to build a trusting relationship with the customers by offering useful contents.

Your quality content won’t stand out on its own if there is no nuanced advantage to it. This is where custom branded illustration will work out its magic. These contents will show the customers that you are committed and it will give you a competitive edge.

Illustration will help you to add clarity to a complex idea and can link concepts to the words we’ve assigned them within our respective products. And it can capture the values and traits of a brand in a single voice.

if you use custom illustrations, you will have higher potential to get your ideas delivered to the target audience.

Mobile first

Responsive and interactive experience is a must for every web asset related to your brand. With the boom of smartphone users, it is important to give importance to mobile web designing. The focus of mobile first design is to reduce the unnecessary contents to a bare minimum. This will heighten the functionality of your mobile site as it is the thing to do. Mobility is the first preference of the people, so a smartphone became a main priority for the people. You need to take advantage of this and give importance to improving and developing your mobile site.

If most of your visitors are mobile based it’s important that you make ideally adopt mobile first designing so that creativity quotient of your website is augmented without compromised functionality.

Content modularity

A modular approach to content design helps to creative a wonderful browsing experience for your readers both on mobile and desktop. Modularity has opened a whole new dimension to content designing improving the user interface designs multifold. Content modularity helps to keep the visitors interested and they would want to know more. Splitting your content into modules allows you to easily add extra functionality like the seamless integration of images and videos.

Aesthetic functionality

People look forward for something different every time. So an aesthetic approach is the way to show that you adopt constant changes. Being daringly creative can help keep your business to make its presence felt in a market of an ever-growing crowd. Such an aesthetic approach clearly tells your audience that you have the courage to go an extra mile to demonstrate your creative prowess.

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